Smart watch for swimming

Best Smart Watch for Swimming in 2022

Swimming is one of the best exercises for getting and staying in shape. Swimming can aid you with cardio, meditation, and muscular building, to mention a few things.

A range of water-resistant smart watch for swimming is available for aquatic athletes who want to take the power of standard best waterproof fitness trackers and put them on their wrists. It helps to measure and monitor their activity levels, whether heart rate, distance, or even time spent in different energy zones.

Smart watch for swimming

If you prefer to exercise in the water, the good news is that there are now a plethora of fitness trackers and fitness smartwatches that can closely monitor your swimming and allow you to review metrics once you’ve left the pool. Whether you just want something to count your laps, tell you about your calorie burn to aid in your efforts to acquire and maintain a healthy weight, or offer you information about your pool efficiency, these waterproof devices have something for you. You can easily track your lengths, distance, heart rate, and more with the best swimming watch. Although almost all modern fitness trackers and running watches are water-resistant to at least 50 meters, most aren’t built for anything more than a quick swim or shower. The watches we’ve chosen are all made exclusively for swimmers, with fully water-resistant casings and training functions to help you track and improve your performance.

Ultimately, each smartwatches has its own unique packaging.

Every watch and smartwatch for the water-bound athlete covers the basics—distance and time—but there are a slew of other metrics to track and measure if you want to take your swimming to the next level, including:
Lap count,
Stroke rate,
Stroke recognition,

Distance tracking,
Swimming in open water with a GPS,
Easy-to-use interface for checking splits, time, SWOLF scores, and other advanced features.

What is the best watch for swimmers?

We’ve analyzed and compared the best waterproof fitness trackers for you, whether you’re an ardent swimmer or just want a timepiece that’s water-resistant in general. Perhaps you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch or a waterproof Fitbit.

smart watch for Swimming

Not in the mood to splurge? It’s no problem. Find fantastic budget-friendly options that are jam-packed with health, wellness, and lifestyle benefits with the best battery life device. To pick the most refined waterproof smartwatch for your needs, look through our extensive selection below.

Apple Watch Series 5

Best-in-Class: Swimming smartwatch

While Apple isn’t known for making swim or multiport watches, the Apple Watch Series 5 performs all those watches do and more.

smartwatch for swimming

The Apple Watch is water-resistant to 50 meters and includes a swim app that tracks splits, volumes, stroke type, pace, and stroke rate. When the app’s GPS mode is enabled, it can also plot your swim on a map for open water and triathlete swimmers.

When you’re in the pool, an Apple add-on program called “Water Lock” locks the touch screen to prevent inadvertent touches and cleans out the watch’s speakers when you’re done.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has all of the key smartwatch characteristics that make it great for swimming and dryland exercises, like optical and electrical heart sensors, an always-on display, and a plethora of wristband and app customization options.

Swimmers that want more workout ideas, analytics, and flexibility in uploading their own swim routines can use third-party apps like Swimdotcom and MySwimPro, which have a large library of workouts, drills, training videos, and other resources.

While the Apple Watch Series 5 is the priciest swim watch on our list, its accurate native software, easy connection with top-tier third-party swimming apps, and always on display place it at the top.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung is one of the most well-known manufacturers of consumer electronics. My computer monitor, as well as the TV in my living room, which is my partner-in-crime for procrastination and Netflixing, are both Samsungs.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review: Samsung’s Best Wearable!

Their wristwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, is the latest in a long line of Samsung fitness trackers that has most of the features that swimmers look for in a smartwatch for open water swimming.

While it doesn’t quite match the Versa or the Apple Watch, it makes an admirable try. It contains a moderately accurate optical heart rate monitor on the back of the gadget, and unlike the Apple Watch, the screen turns off when you don’t raise your hand or touch a button on the side.

Furthermore, those who prefer open water swimming will find the Galaxy Watch Active2’s GPS to be inconvenient and inaccurate compared to the Apple Watch, making it our least favorite multisport watch for open water swimmers and triathletes.

The detection of sets and workouts is the most significant drawback of lap swimming with the native swimming app. Consider using third-party software to better plot out sets, intervals, and fitness goals, and most crucially, to get your calorie burn data retrieved off the watch for monitoring if you plan to use this wristwatch for swimming. The Active, on the other hand, is far less expensive than the Apple Watch. Overall, it’s a great smartwatch with a lot of features, but it still lags below the best watches for swimmers.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit has long been a major participant in the wearables market, with a popular and best-selling line of waterproof smartwatches and watches for every price and age category. The Versa 2 records and shows your swim workout with pinpoint accuracy thanks to its 5ATM waterproofing.

The watch’s touch screen and the display are clear and easy to read underwater, which is one of its most appealing qualities. On the other hand, one of the watch’s major drawbacks is that it lacks GPS, which makes it useless for swimmers who practice their strokes in a public pool. The fitness app’s data isn’t particularly thorough, either

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a capable and trustworthy smartwatch for tallying up and measuring your time in the pool for more casual lap swimmers who aren’t preoccupied with splits and stroke counts.

Garmin Swim 2 Watch

When it comes to smartwatches for athletes of all types, Garmin is one of the big names.

The Garmin Swim 2 is a dedicated swim watch that combines Garmin’s famed GPS performance with a seemingly endless range of features for pool and open water swimmers.

To begin with, Garmin’s GPS tracking is consistently rated well. They work hard to earn the trust of outdoor athletes who want to log their workouts on the trail, on the bike, or on the lake. Stroke counting, stroke detection, SWOLF score, and more are all included in the Garmin Swim 2. Basically, everything a swim nerd needs to dissect their swimming exercise and identify areas for growth.

Although it is a little pricey for a watch that can just document your swim sessions, the watch’s clean design, unrivaled GPS accuracy, and comprehensive data log make it one of our favorite swim watches of all time.

Timex Ironman Classic Watch

For as long as I can remember, the Ironman watch has been around. Swimmers, triathletes, runners, and other sportsmen have favored it for years.

Of course, with the recent explosion in computer power and functionality in smartwatches, the Timex Ironman may appear antiquated, a relic of the past with dial-up internet and VHS cassettes left behind.

If you want a plain, no-frills watch for lap swimming and don’t mind tapping the buttons on the side of the watch at the conclusion of each lap, then the Timex Ironman watch provides an equal combination of wrist-based split keeping and nostalgia.

The Timex Ironman is a nice and easy watch for swimmers who want the timeless aesthetic of a Timex with basic functionality. It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters, has a 100-hour chronograph, and a 30-lap memory.

MOOV Now Swimming Watch

The MOOV is a new watch that is on the cheaper side of things. The MOOV is a low-cost, high-feature swimming watch that outperforms its price tag when it comes to recording and monitoring your workouts.

The MOOV ticks all of the criteria that a mid-range swim watch should. Moov recognizes your stroke, evaluates the length of your turns, breaks down your stroke rate, lap counts, and calculates your SWOLF score, among other things. Dryland’s features include the ability to track your running, cycling, and other activities, as well as your sleep.

The biggest disadvantage, as you can see by looking at it, is that you don’t get real-time feedback on what you’re doing in the water because the MOOV lacks a screen to display your times and speed.

Your workout data is transferred to your smartphone via an app that works on both Apple and Android devices. The app is comprehensive, providing a detailed description of the sets, as well as information on your speed and coaching recommendations.

The MOOV doesn’t come with a heart rate monitor, but it can be connected to one (they sell them). Considering the price, which is about 20% less than the big-name watches on this list, you’ll have enough money left over to pick up a waterproof heart rate monitor if it’s appropriate for your water training.

Garmin Forerunner 945 Smartwatch

Yes, Garmin watches has released yet another swim watch! This bad boy, unlike Swim 2, makes a lot of noise for athletes that combine swimming with other outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, skiing, rowing, etc.

The Forerunner 945 is an outstanding piece of wrist-based gear that will help you totally conquer the water, thanks to Garmin’s industry-leading GPS and native swim software that can be quickly uploaded to major monitoring platforms like Strava.

During open water swims, the Forerunner 945 creates a real-time bread crumb trail that pinpoints your exact location. At the same time, training in the lap pool, detailed SWOLF, and lap times are painstakingly noted.

Who wears the swim watch?

The first thing to consider is who will be wearing the timepiece. Swim-specific watches are designed for pool athletes, whilst GPS and Multisport watches are better suited for open water swimming and triathletes. Swim watches include features like lap and stroke counting, as well as the ability to quantify stroke length. GPS and Multisport watches are designed to track a swimmer’s speed or pace in open water settings as well as to measure their overall distance in miles or kilometers.

Can you swim with a smartwatch?

Well, yes, Of course, you can. If you prefer pool swims or open water swimming, the good news is that there are now a variety of fitness trackers and fitness best waterproof smartwatches with a good battery life that can closely monitor your swimming and allow you to review numbers once you’ve left the pool.

Almost all smartwatches these days are water-resistant and can withstand a swim in a pool or even open water swimming. These smartwatches are made to use while swimming, workout, jogging, etc. If you wear a smartwatch and go swimming, it helps to count your heart rate, also counts lap, distance, etc. These smartwatches work as GPS in the pool, swimming, or lake. So there is no need to take off your smartwatch for a swim in the pool, lake, or pond as they are swim proof.

Why is a swimming watch useful?

Swimming using high-tech training fitness trackers, such as one of these watches, is yet another option to increase performance and knowledge of the sport. Another technique to gain ahead and train at the top level is to swim with a sports watch. By counting your strokes, transmitting your splits instantaneously, and logging your miles online, GPS watches can help you train smarter. All of these features may be recorded and saved for as long as you need them with the training logs and applications that come with each swim watches. With the ability to review previous workouts, you may plan and train in a more disciplined or scientific manner.

How much to spend on a swim watch?

A swimmer’s watch can cost anywhere from $30 to $500, depending on how much you want to spend. These high-tech products don’t come cheap, but there’s something for everyone’s budget these days! An athlete might use the best waterproof swimming watch to improve not only their training advice but also their comprehension of the sport. Before you go out and buy a swim watch to know your swim data, be sure you know exactly what you want. Please read each of the watch’s product specifications while purchasing, since they are highly helpful in showcasing the watch’s functions. Make sure to keep this framework in mind when you browse the watch options so you can get a better idea of what you’re looking for.

What are the Smartwatch features you’re looking for?

Because these watches all offer a variety of purposes, it’s crucial to figure out which ones are most important for you, your training, and your competition objectives. Whether you’re preparing for Masters Nationals and need a specific “exercise function” to stay on track, or you’re competing in a local triathlon and need to know your “SWOLF count” to stay on track with your distance covered per stroke.

Size, shape, and color

The more classic Brilliant Swim Pace Watch is better for younger swimmers and beginners since it helps them get used to reading a pace clock. Others prefer a watch with a larger face, such as the Suunto or Garmin models, which have more visible numerals that are easy to see “on the run.” If you’re a swimmer seeking a sleeker, lighter choice, narrow down your favorite watch forms and weights before making a purchase.

Training Logs & Apps

Most open water swimming, GPS enabled, fitness trackers, and multi-sport watches are linked to their own online training records and applications, which allow athletes to keep track of their progress. This should be at the top of your must-have list if you are an athlete who enjoys training with stats and data.


Sports watches with GPS can correctly estimate the distance you’ve traveled, which can be tough to determine on the open water swimming (however, this feature may vary between watches and brands)


Improvements in performance can be measured objectively. A good swim watch will track variables like distance, pace, and heart rate and store the data in an easy-to-use app. That way, you can quickly compare your performance between swim sessions and see how you’ve improved over time.


If you buy a good swim watch and take care of it, it should be a one-time purchase. Okay, so it’s not a one-time purchase (especially if you plan to update to other future brands), but it’s something you’ll probably buy only once in a while.


Gamification is used by many sports watches to add a fun factor and create an interactive experience. This may make it easier for some people to stick to their swimming training plans.

Your sports watch may also include social sharing capabilities. This may provide additional drive and possibly even accountability for certain people.

Activities in general

It’s critical to understand that if you want to improve your swimming, you must also pay attention to what’s happening outside of your swim session. Additional essential elements that your swim watch may be able to our sleep tracking, calories burned, general activity levels, and nutrition.

Can I wear my smartwatch in the pool?

Almost all smartwatches these days are water-resistant, allowing them to withstand a swim in a pool or even a swim in open water.

Smart Notifications

You can program important reminders into your fitness smartwatches, or it may do so for you automatically. Reminders about upcoming swim activity tracking or reminders to drink water after your session are two examples.


Swim watches eliminate the need to keep your activity tracking of things on paper, and if you want to wear one, you may check in on your progress and make plans at any time.

Waterproof fitness trackers

Waterproof smartwatches can withstand immersion in water for up to 30 minutes in depths of 5 feet or less. Fortunately, this will keep your watch secure during the majority of everyday activities, including casual swimming.

Final thought/CFinal thought/Conclusion in a smart watch for swimming

Swimmers and casual swimmers who want to track their pool activities have a plethora of options.  Many swimming and fitness trackers are not built for swimming and will not track distance or heart rate while submerged. If you want to track your swimming, choose a device or smart watches for swimming that has a swimming setting rather than one that is only waterproof. The distance measurement and time are the most significant elements. Calorie consumption, stroke count, and stroke rate sensors are some of the other measurements available on some models. If you’re interested in swimming in open water, for example in a triathlon, you should verify whether the model is solely for pool swimming or also for open water swimming. You can check detailed information like total and interval distance, pace, stroke count, and stroke type while swimming. TO DETERMINE YOUR EFFICIENCY, allow SWOLF, a swimming app that adds the time and number of strokes required to swim a pool length. Interval Count allows you to pause and will enable you to work out in real-time. View your summary data at the end of an exercise, which includes interval and session averages, overall time, and personal records.

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